Your WINS as a VDMD member


The VDMD is YOUR networker in the industry

We network you with...









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Our experts share their know-how with you

With seminars - workshops - lectures

we support you at the start of your professional lifen

Topics are

Collection development,

customer acquisition,

legal issues, legal protection and insurance,

Business start-up with business plans

we support you in your daily work

Topics are

Calculating my living expenses and hourly wage,

fees and contracts,

marketing, including social media presence,

access to the artists' social insurance fund

Trend analyses 2 years in advance (see below for more)


Industry and trade are looking for YOU at US

You can find corresponding job offers in our job exchange.

At the request of the companies, these are initially anonymised.

If you send us the reference number, we will send you detailed information about the job offer.

You can then apply yourself or send us your application and we will forward it with a recommendation as a professional association.


Der VDMD macht Euch und Eure Arbeit sichtbar

The platforms on which we make you visible are

on the VDMD website in the slider

on the VDMD website in the blog

on the VDMD website in the Designer Search

on the VDMD social media platforms (Facebook, XING, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram)

on YouTube with our Culture.Cast.Podcasts

in our Online Shop

via our industry and trade e-mail distribution list

on our joint stands at the major trade fairs


The VDMD TrendResearchTeam analyses current and future trends in society and their impact on products in the fields of fashion, textiles, interiors and home, as well as on urban development, architecture, Public.Places and Spirit.Rooms.

The TrendResearchTeam works out the coming seasonal colour and style trends for you 2 years in advance.

Available digitally or in print in the online shop:



Colour brochures




The annual awards of the VDMD are

Designer of the Year

Fashion-Pluck-Award - Fashion.Courage.Man

Designer of the Year for sustainable collections

We jury with:

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis für Design

Bayerischer Staatspreis für Nachhaltigkeit

Mercedes Fashion Night

Münchener Modepreis


We lobby for you

Through networking with the Deutschen Designtag - DT, the umbrella organisation of design associations with about 15,000 designers from all sectors in the background, it is possible for us, and thus for you, to participate in political decision-making.

Be it through participation in the councils of the German Design Day or as delegates to the expert committees of the German Cultural Council Berlin.

The German Cultural Council is in constant contact with political decision-makers through discussions, demands and resolutions.

Monetary.Win for members

In addition to the Subject.Wins come Money.Wins

Your discounts are:

15% on all print media from mode...information

15% on a subscription to TextilWirtschaft

25% on a subscription to TextilMitteilungen

50% on workshops/lectures/seminars

50% on Color.Cards, colour brochures and Trend.Pulse

free access to all important trade fairs

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