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Trainings and mentoring

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Our mentors have over 25 years of professional/teaching experience from which fashion/textile students, beginners, start-ups and professional designers can benefit.

Excerpt from the professionally relevant topics of the COUNCIL for ART and DESIGN's Akadmie mentoring.lab in the areas of business start-ups, further education, digitalisation and trend forecasting.

Module offers of the mentoring.lab:

My digital presence

  • Website design
  • Portfolio with Photoshop / Indesign
  • CorelDraw
  • CAD

My business start-up

  • Tips for applications
  • Start-up steps
  • Business plans
  • Contracts and professional insurance
  • Calculation of livelihood
  • Fees / Remuneration
  • Occupational fields for fashion and textiles
  • Portfolio advice
  • Advice for the artists' social insurance fund
  • Environment-professional fields of the fashion and textile industry
  • Development of fashion sector-specific fields
  • Location recommendations

My design or/and own collection

  • Target group definition / society
  • Collection frameworks
  • Interactive workshops
  • Analogue and digital illustration
  • Analogue and digital pattern making
  • Market research, market analysis and comparison with competitors
  • Calculation of own collection
  • Acquisition for own offer
  • Marketing strategies and marketing of own products
  • How to write an offer
  • Trend forecast

My rights

  • Info on patent law
  • Contract law and legal protection
  • Why contracts are so important?
  • and much more


  • Trend preview
  • Future forecasts on worlds of colour
  • Influence of demographic change on design
  • How trends influence our lives
  • Relationship of trends in different sectors to each other

The most frequently asked questions in the mentoring.lab

  • What is the market value of designers in the economic process and politics?
  • What factors play a role when applying for a job in the industry?
  • What type of job is possible for me as a designer? (Freelance, employee, own label).
  • How do I become a freelancer?
  • How do I get a job? 

  • How do I set up my own brand (own label)? - first steps.
  • What combination possibilities are there professionally?
  • What alternatives do I have with my degree?
  • Hybrid forms of work in the designer's professional life?
  • How do END CUSTOMERS think and feel?
  • How do I build a label/collection for a specific target group?

  • How do I arrive at an accurate target group analysis?
  • How do I exploit trends for the analysed target group?
  • How do I write an offer?
  • What can I earn?
  • Where do I find out about fees and salaries?

  • What requirements do I need for the KSK?
  • What does a contract have to look like?
  • What legal safeguards do I need?
  • Trendforecast for megatrends resulting from social developments and their visualisation and materialisation in architecture, space, interiors, fashion, textiles, accessories, colours, surfaces and designs.
  • Special lectures on trend forecasts for womenswear, menswear, knitwear, SMART TEXTILES and ACCESSORIES.

  • Business start-up advice
  • Finding ways through the jungle of funding programmes.
  • Further education and training for company employees and professional design companies in the digital field.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw
  • Website design

  • What trends can we expect in the next season
  • How do trends develop and how can they be predicted?
  • Which target groups go with which trends
  • How to correctly introduce and implement colour trends
  • Which trend differences have to be considered depending on the interest group
  • How do I hit the right trend target group for my line of business?

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